Strava’s 2016 End of Year Insights


As I’ve been training for the London Marathon I’ve learnt that Strava holds the key to most stats and data.

They’ve now published their annual End of Year Insights for 2016, which give a remarkable insight into the world of training.

Global running

Around the world runners uploaded a staggering 86.7 million runs, logging 419,338 completed marathons and ran a huge total distance of 446.5 million miles (that’s the equivalent of over 900 return trips to the moon!). As they did last year, runners took advantage of the Indian summer September sun, marking Sunday 11th September as the most active day for running throughout the UK and across the globe.

UK running

In the UK, 16.9 million runs were uploaded to the app, a whopping 82 million were run and 60,264 completed marathons were logged – a huge percentage of those run globally. Well done, the lot of you.

Men and women averaged a similar distance per run this year, with men doing on average 5.15 miles per run and women 4.34 miles. Men recorded an average 8.16 min/mile and women a 9.46 min/mile.

London took the top spot for the most active running community, with more than 2 million activities recorded (up by half a million from 2015!), while West Yorkshire followed second with 638,572 and Manchester third with 598,037.



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