10th March Training Run

Training Run 10th March map

This morning I met up with Sam Richardson to catch up, but we also enjoyed a steady 10.7km around the centre of London.  Having run a 11km and a 8.5km this week the legs were feeling tired, so we took is slow and enjoyed catching up over 1:21:54 at a pace of 7:35/km.

The run included some PBs:

  • Best estimated 1/2 mile effort (4:08)
  •  Best estimated 400m effort (1:52)
  •  3rd best estimated 1k effort (5:23)

Being my usual clumsy self I managed to slice my thumb before starting the run so ended up with a bloody hand by the end of the run – obviously my heart was working so hard it kept pumping the blood out!!!

Bloody hand


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