16th February Training Run

Nice to see some sunshine and feel warm on a run again!  Today was a simple 5km run in 31:48 at a pace of 6:21/km.


I went off too quick, but managed to get a few personal bests:

  • Best estimated 1k effort (5:14)
  • Best estimated 1/2 mile effort (4:13)
  • 2nd best estimated 1 mile effort (9:05)

11th February Training Run


With the weather really trying to bring some snow, the Accu Weather app was describing it as feeling like -5 which by British standards really is very cold.

Given that I thought I’d try a new 5.0km route which had a nice hill to play with.  As today was more of a rest day on the Marathon training schedule, I enjoyed a slower pace at 6:58/km taking 34:57.


Even with a slower pace and freezing temperatures I still managed to build up a nice sweat.   Perfect timing to now sit and watch the Six Nations rugby in front of the fire!

9th February Training Run

This afternoon it was really cold so I went out for a quick 5.0km.  Was gutted as I could not keep the pace and ended in 30:18 – I had been really keen to try and get back under 30 minutes – unfortunately it wasn’t it meant to be.  Overall pace was 6:04/km.


The run included a few PRs:

  • 3rd best estimated 2 mile effort (19:11)
  • 3rd best estimated 1 mile effort (9:12)
  • 3rd best estimated 1/2 mile effort (4:22)

8th February Training Run

This morning I planned to do a quick 5km run but ended up running a steady 11km in 1:16:52 at a pace of 6:59/km.


After yesterday’s fail with the water supply I surprised myself today by not needing any rehydration until I finished the run!

7th February -Training Run


This morning I ran 11.0km around Dibden Purlieu, Hythe and Dibden in a time of 1:19:24 at a pace of 7:13/km.  


It was great to get out for a longer run, although the pace was slow due to some rehydration issues!  I tried running with less water this morning but that didn’t go well and I ended up running out of water at the 5km point.  So I ended up popping into my back garden, disconnecting the hose from the garden tap and then filling up the drinks bottles. A non-conventional way of topping up the water supply.

Whilst it was chilly, the sunshine was out and the view was the beautiful of the Isle of Wight today:


28th January Training Run


This morning I ran 11.0km around Dibden and Dibden Purlieu in 1:15:04 at a pace of 6:49/km.  It was good to have a bit of a play with Applemore Hill – it’s not long – but it certainly feels steep when you run up it.  It was nice to get my 2nd best 10km time (1:08:23).



25th January Training Run


It was lovely to get out for a run after a few long days at work.  I ran the usual 5.2km route in  31:12 at a pace of 5:57/km.

I was pleased with the run, and got a number of new records:

  • Best estimated 1k effort (5:21)
  • Best estimated 1/2 mile effort (4:16)
  • 2nd best estimated 5k effort (29:47)
  • 2nd best estimated 2 mile effort (19:09)
  • 2nd best estimated 1 mile effort (9:11)
  • 2nd best estimated 400m effort (1:57)