20th March Training Run

Having been injured for the last 10 days, I went out for a gentle 5km run this afternoon.
It started off well with the first 2km including my third best time for a 1km.  Whilst there was no pain in the shin, I could feel my left calk gradually getting tighter.
Training Run 20th March - Graph
The second half of the 5km was the slowest I have ever done it in due to the tight calf.  I will spend some time doing extra stretching tonight and hopefully it will all be okay and I can carry on with the training.

10th March Training Run

Training Run 10th March map

This morning I met up with Sam Richardson to catch up, but we also enjoyed a steady 10.7km around the centre of London.  Having run a 11km and a 8.5km this week the legs were feeling tired, so we took is slow and enjoyed catching up over 1:21:54 at a pace of 7:35/km.

The run included some PBs:

  • Best estimated 1/2 mile effort (4:08)
  •  Best estimated 400m effort (1:52)
  •  3rd best estimated 1k effort (5:23)

Being my usual clumsy self I managed to slice my thumb before starting the run so ended up with a bloody hand by the end of the run – obviously my heart was working so hard it kept pumping the blood out!!!

Bloody hand

7th March Training Run

Today was an 8.5km run down to Holbury and back.  I did the run in 56:13 at a pace of 6:36/km.  Nice to be out in just a base layer for the first time in 2017.

Training Run 7th Mar map

This takes me to 151.1km for 2017 which is a nice milestone to pass.

6th March Training Run

Water at The HeathToday was a grey day but I got out and did a 11.0km run.  In honour of Jon’s new Porsche 911 I wore a matching top!!!!

I managed it in 1:17:15 at a pace of 7:00/km.  I mucked up the hydration and so ended up popping into The Heath for a lovely pint of tap water which added several minutes to the time.  I was pleased that even with that pit stop I still managed to average 7 minutes per kilometre.  Also I achieved my 2nd best 1 mile effort at 9:03.

Screenshot 2017-03-06 17.27.13

February running stats

monthlyruningnews.pngSo in February I managed 10 runs totalling 45.23 miles or 72 kilometres.

  • Average pace: 11:25 min/mi
  • Average speed: 5.26 mph
  • Total calories burnt: 7,010

The aim for March is to get some serious mileage completed in preparation for the marathon at the end of April.


26th February Training Run


Today has been freezing cold, windy, and full of driving rain.  So what more would you want to do with your day than run 10km?

I managed 10.2km in 1:12:32 at a pace of 7:04/km.  During the run all three base layers that I was wearing got soaked through from the rain so I was glad to finish!

I was really pleased with my more consistent pace for the first 5.5km, I now just need to keep practicing to be able to manage that for the other 36.7km of the marathon!!!!